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​In about 10 minutes a day of planning & reflection you will go from Busy, Distracted & Overwhelmed to Balanced, Focused and Productive 

…it’s not about doing MORE, it’s about doing what’s most important

…It’s not about working HARDER, it’s about being more focused and intentional

…it’s not about ADDING more pressure, it’s about creating the systems and structure so that you can work with more peace and ease

…it’s not about a one-size-fits-all-formula, it’s about making a custom plan that works well for you based on your core values

We will work through five core areas:

  2. Shifting your mindset to SELF-MANAGEMENT 
  3. Learning new SYSTEMS
  4. Managing physical, mental & emotional ENERGY
  5. Setting BOUNDARIES to create SPACE for what matters

BONUS: Pushing Through HURDLES, habits, distractions

March 7th through March 11th

Even though I constantly tell myself, “I have too much to do and not enough time!”. The truth is, I do have enough time to finish what matters most to me, and when I get out of busy-discouraged-overwhelmed mode, I feel so much more at peace AND get more done too.

I can’t WAIT to do this challenge alongside you.