Past, Present & Future

After writing THIS post on Pollack’s grieving-the-past quote… I had a sad realization!

I think we all naturally gravitate to either PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE living.

I naturally am good at accepting/embracing PAST and I idealize being PRESENT. I am realizing that I sort of STINK with future planning/dreaming etc. It’s SO RISKY.

How about you? Which do you naturally do well at? Which do you want to be better at?

Where do you spend the most physical, mental and emotional energy? These questions can help you figure that out…Do you ever reminisce or think of lessons you have learned from your PAST?

Do you ever reflect on the good and bad you have experienced in your PAST?

Do you need to find a good resource and seek healing from something in your PAST?

Do you need to better embrace where you have come from and your PAST?

Do you need to be more PRESENT each day?

Do you need to improve on embracing the PRESENT moment and being still and at peace?

Do you need to learn the art of gratitude for your PRESENT?

Do you need to add time and physical energy to dream for your FUTURE?

Do you need to be more intentional about planning for what lies ahead in your FUTURE?

Does fear of failure keep you from dreaming towards your FUTURE?


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