Living in an Attitude of Abundance Instead of Scarcity

Isn’t music a beautiful universal language?

I watched an interview clip with Bobby McFerrin, where the interviewer asked about people copying his style and using what he has invented. McFerrin could easily react with offense and rightly defend what he has created. However, that’s not how he reacts at all. McFerrin states that he has something to share and likes that other people are making it their own too. He goes on…

“As long as it’s redeeming, positive and fills people up… Music is so powerful, it needs to be used for redeeming work to lift people’s spirit’s souls”

This is truly an attitude of abundance, of generosity and of giving. Our human logic tells us that when we have something good, have created something good, or when we discover something good we should keep it for ourselves because WE DESERVE IT. McFerrin proves the opposite as he lives in an attitude of abundance and not scarcity. He lives in the attitude where there is enough for everyone. Music doesn’t need to be hoarded.

We often live in an attitude of scarcity in other areas of our lives too. We are insecure. We think that somehow other’s blessing negates or lessons the blessings in our lives.

What about leadership? Do we hoard leadership or do we empower those under us to go beyond where we have gone?

What gifts and areas of your life do you need to practice an abundant attitude?


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