The Grace to Be and the Room to Become

I am fascinated by this film.

I may or may not have watched it 3 times already.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I admire it so much.

This film tells a story. It’s a piece of art that’s beautifully crafted. Films like this redeem media for me. An otherwise uncaptured man who is living his daily life with conviction and purpose and doesn’t need anyone else to affirm purpose in him. He just lives his career, his family the way he does because he knows it’s his fullest life. Maybe not full of money, but it is indeed full.

I think I am enamoured because it is inspirational, and frankly rare, to see such a full life. I feel peace as I watch this video. The peace and the contentment this man has with his life, gives me peace in mine. His security brings me security. That’s what people sure in their identity do.

It takes a secure and strong person not to strive but to be content and to “offer others the grace to be and the room to become…” -S. Eldredge. We must first offer this to ourselves before we can offer it to others.

Are you both content with where you and putting yourself in opportunities of growth?


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