Take Your Learning Outside!

Crafts, cooking, biking , language learning… I loved this article on 10 Ways to Keep Your Learning Outside this Summer!

I think back to my time as a nanny in Pennsylvania, and remember how the 7-year-old  quadruplets (yes, four children), would love to run to the back of their property and play in the crick for hours. Exploring the plants, the dirt and the wildlife was so captivating to their minds. When the right time of summer came, they found frog eggs and then a few weeks later little tadpoles. Soon there were baby frogs hopping around to be caught. What a beautiful biology lesson came for us right from their own backyard.

How I wish much more of learning were this way, as an experience first and then book knowledge. As we grow older we learn much more from books and the internet and much less from the world around us. I challenge you to find outdoor and experiential learning in your own community.


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